Spelling “Palestinians” with Selena Gomez: a Joan Rivers production

selena gomez

Joan Rivers thinks “that college grad” Selena Gomez can’t spell the word “Palestinians”:

What follows is an evaluation of Selena Gomez’s real-life spelling abilities. Take it away, Spell-ena!

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Hamas and Israel *finally* discover a cease fire they can both agree on

hamas rockets

Israel loves to point out how it continuously offers to cease fire in Gaza, but Hamas refuses to stop shooting:

So it appears to have finally worked out a solution to the dilemma. Today, Israel finally offered a cease fire it knew Hamas would have no choice but to accept. Via Haaretz:

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Twitter correctly identified a link between MH17 and Gaza, but still got the story all wrong

empty ben gurion

July 17 was a little unusual over at the New York Times: for a brief time, the paper’s homepage featured two headlines: Ukraine’s downed plane on top, and Israel’s invasion of Gaza immediately below.

Sadly, I did not manage to capture a screenshot, but I clearly remember thinking to myself that it was an unusual coincidence for the two events to have occurred at almost precisely the same time.

But many on Twitter — and, undoubtedly, elsewhere — did not share my sense of wonder. Indeed, they were convinced that the timing of Israel’s invasion was no accident. They immediately concluded that Israel would cynically exploit the world’s inattention in order to massacre civilians in Gaza.

I find the sheer volume of the conspiracy astounding — and my “research” was less than perfectly-thorough:

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So you want to rebuild the Temple? Get ready for some crazy… cost overruns


It’s almost Tisha B’av, and that means The Children Are Ready — to be precise, The Children Are Ready III.

Ready for what? To record the latest fundraising video on behalf of the Temple Institute! The organization recently released its third annual video calling for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem — you may recall earlier editions if you close your eyes and concentrate — or you can just click on these links (first and second).

But what is different about this video from all other videos? The 5774 version is accompanied by a brand new Indiegogo campaign, titled simply “Build the Third Temple“:*

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The Telegraph never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity…

Gaza Israel

… to let a headline about the current conflict between Israel and Hamas make you* smile. Sorry for the extended headline.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Channel 4’s Jon Snow is deluded about Hamas. So much so that the publication titled a recent article using precisely those words: “Channel 4’s Jon Snow is deluded about Hamas“.

The article draws attention to three of Snow’s “disabling illusions about Hamas”:

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Facebook censorship of Israeli nudity lays bare (pun intended) unfortunate double standard

standing with idf men sample

Shortly after publishing my previous post, Draconian Facebook censorship may have saved Israelis from themselves, I made two important discoveries.

One, that the creators of “Standing with the IDF” (a misleading name, if I’ve ever heard one, given the various states of repose exhibited within) are optimistic their page will be restored soon (במהרה בימינו): Continue reading

Draconian Facebook censorship may have saved Israelis from themselves

Stand with IDF sample image

[Update: Part II can be found here.*]

Israel’s “Facebook generation” is at war in Gaza, or so we are told. And indeed, Israeli soldiers have landed in hot water in the past based on what they chose to upload to the social media site from their bases.

But this time around, it’s not just members of the IDF who are under scrutiny. That much became apparent after the infamous “Sderot cinema” controversy portrayed the residents of the embattled border town like the residents of Washington, D.C. at the Battle of Bull Run. This time, the entire country is fair game not just to Hamas rockets but to the forces of political correctness and the accompanying battle for international hearts and minds.

So I am happy to report Facebook might have just saved the entire country from some embarrassment.

Last week at work, I came across an article on The Times of Israel titled “Israeli women do Gaza strip for IDF”. The headline doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but I was interested enough to learn more that I saved the link for later (remember, I was at work and had no intention of actually investigating while there).

This evening, I attempted to revisit the page and was surprised to discover that while its text remains available, the source material is not:

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