Google bombs can now target your face


If you weren’t familiar with Google bombs before the recently-deceased Republican primaries, you are now. But where Google bombs were once merely textual, Google’s recent makeover has enabled an all-new visual – and therefore, more visceral – application of the process.

Most search results are unchanged, but – in an effort to synthesize some information about the search subject without forcing users to click on anything – some will now be accompanied by the ‘Knowledge Graph’. Why Google thought teaching its users to click less would be a good idea is beyond me – after all, the company makes its money on clicks – but I’m not complaining: as you may have gathered from the title of this post, the Knowledge Graph opens new creative horizons in Google bombing. And while the examples I managed to scrounge up so far are certainly not without explanation, I wonder how long it will take for people to start stacking the Image results.

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Perspective on the current status of the Facebook IPO


So this was just over two weeks ago:

Facebook boosts IPO share price amid hot demand

By Charlotte Raab | AFP – Tue, May 15, 2012

Amid signs of strong investor demand, Facebook on Tuesday boosted the share price estimate for its stock market debut, giving the leading social network a value that could top $100 billion.

Facebook will price its initial public offering (IPO) between $34 to $38 per share, up from a range of $28 to $35, according to paperwork filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

I know it isn’t really news that Facebook’s stock is down, but given the initial valuation, I do think it’s worth noting that yesterday saw the price drop below $28 for the first time, before settling on 28.19 at the closing bell:

Really, this was something I would have preferred to share on Twitter, but sometimes 140 characters just doesn’t cut it.

FTR, ‘it’ was word number 142.

Elisheva Goldberg: Genesis of an anti-Israel activist


So much anti-Israel, so little time:

The Rosh Beit Medrash of Uri L’Tzedek, Elisheva Goldberg, is an Anti-Israel activist…

- Daniel Greenfield, The Left-Wing Movement to Hijack Kosher Food

Seattle, Washington. Epicenter of anti-Israel activism: St. Mark’s Cathedral. Olympia Food Co-op. Evergreen State College. And childhood home of the notorious Elisheva N. Goldberg.

Having known Ms. Goldberg for nearly a quarter century, I consider myself uniquely positioned to offer insight into her psyche, her thoughts, her motives, what drives her to act as she does. I often find myself lying awake at night, critically thinking about the critical questions: Where did things go so wrong? How did she go from such a normal upbringing to a known provocateur and terrorist sympathizer, if not a terrorist herself?

I can’t say I have all the answers, but I can point to an article I recently dredged up that I believe betrays the seeds of Elisheva – if that’s her real name – Goldberg – if that’s her real name – Anti-Israel activist.

The article appeared in Between the Lines, publication of Northwest Yeshiva High School, nearly seven-and-a-half years ago. Without further ado, the early work of Elisheva Goldberg, which I believe will provide some insight into the monster she has become, and – I think you will agree – already was at an early date [I have highlighted the anti-Israel portions in bold for your convenience]:

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I can’t believe this was seven-and-a-half years ago


I recently shared The Yale 250 I didn’t submit, written to answer the question, ‘Why Yale?’ Since I’m easily distracted, that experience inspired me to dig through some old files and fish out* ‘Why Penn?’, submitted on October 30, 2004.

*this isn’t a mixed metaphor; I was digging through the top of a frozen pond, not fishing in some hole I dug

While I wrote the essay for Yale of my own free will, I distinctly remember annoyance toward Penn’s request – an annoyance I think evident in the stiffness of my writing, and my bland, generic answers. Still, I thought it might be fun to compare my expectations with how four-and-a-half years as a student at Penn actually turned out.

The essay is included sequentially in its entirety, with a director’s cut track included for optional commentary:

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Jeffrey Goldberg’s favorite Israeli ad is back


All this talk of Verizon ads – the post Verizon: Stop playing that goddamn Mother’s Day ad is now the most-viewed post in this blog’s short history, and seems to have worked to boot! – reminds me that I’ve been meaning to follow up on the ad campaign that marked Paper Treiger’s public debut: the infamous Ministry of Immigrant Absorption ads skewered by Jeffrey Goldberg, among others.

We’re coming up on six months now since the ads caused a stir, and I would imagine it’s also been a while since you last heard of them. I imagine you imagined they’ve been put to rest.

Well, you’d be wrong.

While the Christmas ad was taken down from the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption’s official Youtube Channel, the Memorial Day and the ‘Daddy‘ ads are still up. This isn’t all that surprising, though I do find it ironic that the video Goldberg focused on, and that therefore started the furor by proxy, is still up.

What I did find mildly surprising is that the video that seemed to garner the least attention the first time around – ‘daddy’ – has been repurposed, sort of:

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Psychoanalyzing Bibi’s signature


Yesterday, my dear cousin provided some insight into what happens inside Bibi’s head. Today, I decided to get into the game.

Over the weekend, I noticed his signature for the first time:

I was glad to see he didn’t get all cute – say, ‘B.B.’ – though personally, I would have gone with BN (better than BO!).

More importantly, I was confused about how a capital N turned into a lower-case h – until I realized:

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