Official apology to Jon Stewart

Welcome to December. While many people may be preparing for our upcoming celebration of the Miracle of Chanuka (or Christmas, if that happens to be your thing), I would like to draw your attention for a moment to the Miracle of Purim.

Specifically, to the events that transpired on this past Wednesday’s episode of The Daily Show.

You may recall that I spent my own Wednesday night responding to Jeffrey Goldberg’s irresponsible blog post, to which I decline to directly link yet again. In the process, I managed to drag Jon Stewart into the discussion by implying that his inability to name a holiday other than Thanksgiving on which “you can get drunk around your kids by 2PM” indicated a basic unfamiliarity with the Jewish holiday of Purim.

Turns out Stewart was determined to prove me wrong, and wasted no time doing so when he sat down with Bono earlier that night.

Bono walked on stage with a gift for his host, a (RED) iPod to highlight World AIDS Day. After Stewart thanked him, the following conversation took place (a bit after one minute in, if you’re so inclined):

Bono: I saw you rocking in your chair there.

Stewart: That’s what Jews do. That’s how we pray. I’m just doing a little Purim thing.

So Stewart managed to successfully prove that he’s heard of Purim — my bad — at the same time that he demonstrated he can’t actually use ‘Purim’ in a sentence — ad d’lo yada, amiright?


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