MNF Edition: Is Adam Goldberg Jewish?

As I write this post, the Seahawks lead the Rams in the 4th Quarter. Ken Yirbu

As it’s difficult to characterize a primetime matchup between two losing teams (who – given the teams playing, it must be said – are not going to the playoffs) as particularly compelling, I imagine the question occupying the minds of many is whether St. Louis tackle Adam Goldberg is Jewish.

Thankfully, there’s a Wikipedia for that:

It was reported that he was raised in his mother’s Christian faith, that his father is Jewish, and by Jewish Sports Review — which indicated that he did not meet its criteria of self-identification in 2008, that he considered himself Jewish as of 2010.

Rather than attempt to unscramble that sentence on behalf of Wikipedia, I would like to use it to highlight the degree to which any question of Jewishosity can prove at turns confusing and contentious. So here’s the actual screen grab:

No fewer than six citations were necessary to settle the question of Adam Goldberg’s religious identity. To give you some perspective, his name is Adam Goldberg. More perspective: there are two citations in the remainder of the Wikipedia article, one detailing when Goldberg was drafted, and the other the size of his current contract. Someone should develop a plugin to show Rabbinical commentary around the edge of your browser.

And not a single citation from Goldberg’s team physical.


This blog has an unhealthy fixation on Goldbergs


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