short enough for you to pay attention to

As has been related elsewhere, the frequency with which I post is directly proportionate to the degree to which I have nothing better to do. While staffing My Bus (/Best Bus/Drunk Bus) for Birthright over the past few weeks, I’ve had many better things to do. Lucky for you (not so much for me), that period of my life is now drawing to a close, and I suddenly have some free time on my hands.

Speaking of Drunk Bus, my new-found free time allowed me to come across this week-and-a-half-old blog post describing research on excessive drinking in America. Here’s something I thought worth sharing:

Older people tend to binge-drink more frequently than the young … Although only about 4 percent of people 65 and older report regular binge drinking, these older adults drink excessively an average of 5.5 times a month, making the 65-and-over crowd the group that binge-drinks most frequently.

While I may not have expected that, it was another item toward the bottom of the post that caught my eye. Some of it, I could explain; one part, I could not. Let’s start with the things that make sense:

Binge drinking was least common in Utah, where just 11 percent of adults reported a binge.

OK. Mormons. Makes sense.

It was most common in Wisconsin, where nearly 26 percent of the adult population drinks excessively. Wisconsin binge drinkers also put away the most alcohol, averaging nine drinks per occasion.

OK. I know some people who go/went to UW-Madison. This also does not shock me.

The frequency of binge drinking was … highest in Kentucky, where binges occur 5.9 times a month.

OK. Bourbon. Got it.

It’s the next finding that I had to read a few times to make sure I wasn’t binge-drinking myself:

The frequency of binge drinking was lowest in New Jersey

New Jersey. As in Jersey Shore. That New Jersey.

To the study authors: This is the point in your research when you should probably step back and re-evaluate your data collection protocols before hitting ‘Publish’*


*which I am about to do.


2 thoughts on “ short enough for you to pay attention to”

  1. Regarding the NJ thing: either they’re just constantly drinking so that it never qualifies as binge drinking, or Jersey Shore is just a really bad representation of what otherwise is quite a lovely state. I happen to be from there so I can vouch for that.


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