I don’t always google myself…

…but when I do, I tend to discover something new and amusing:

Dear Google+, If your best sales pitch is ‘Stand out from other people named Mordechai Treiger’, I think I’ll stick with The Facebook. Sincerely, The Mordechai Treiger


PS Yes, I am aware the technical term is ‘vanity search’.

PPS In case you’re curious, this little exercise began upon my discovery that Duke Law offers a full-tuition scholarship called the Mordecai which made me wonder if ‘mordecai treiger’ would return any hits. The answer: exactly one, posted within the past few months*. One thing led to the other and I found myself investigating ‘mordechai treiger’ as well. Glad I did

*Better, I know exactly why: the author of that website spells his own son’s name ‘Mordecai’. I love playing detective.


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