Of Mad and Men

I love Mad Men. I love coincidences. What could be better than the two coinciding? The two coinciding twice! I’ll start with the more recent:

♦   Yesterday, I had a conversation with [redacted] concerning the show’s March 25 return. [Redacted] was surprised I knew of it, since the announcement was made on January 11 (when I was in Israel and offline), so I showed her the Huffington Post article that had tipped me off to the date of return. The article itself dealt with the show’s controversial new advertising campaign: posters depicting the falling man from the show’s opening credits.

So it was that today I found myself in the Times Square subway station, surrounded by the exact posters I had seen in only electronic form one day before. After snapping a picture on my phone [right above this very paragraph], I emerged into the fresh air of the City (by fresh air, I mean wireless connectivity), and fired off the photo to [redacted].

At that precise moment, my iPod shuffled to A Beautiful Mine (RJD2). For those unfamiliar, said song graces the opening credits of – what else? – Mad Men.

♦   Writing blog posts is just one of the many ways I keep myself busy; movies are another some-time indulgence. So it was that I found myself watching Wet Hot American Summer for the first time, on the recommendation of my dear best cousin (the one whose doppelgoyer is Ellie Goulding).

Many of the familiar-looking actors I could place, but there was one in particular who gave me some trouble. A few minutes on the google/IMDB revealed her to be Marguerite Moreau; further, my search informed me she had once appeared in a single episode of Mad Men. Intrigued – since I did not remember her – I watched her reprise the role of Vicky in Season 2, Episode 4, Three Sundays, making it the only episode of the show I’ve seen more than once.

Days later, I found myself writing about my column the DP refused to publish, an exercise that required digging through old messages in my inbox. More specifically, in an attempt to find a particular gchat, I narrowed my search to within 3 days of a certain date, and browsed the emails I had sent to that particular friend within the range I had defined, one by one. But before I happened upon the conversation that was ultimately quoted in my column the DP refused to publish, I came across the following email I had written to that same same friend, who just so happens to also love Mad Men:

any idea who vicky was? she looks so familiar. its weird shes not credited on imdb. i cant stand not knowing!

At least IMDB got its act together sometime over the past 3.5 years.
More Mad Men ads I found in the subway:
And even better:
For those keeping track at home, I think that makes one deadly sin and one deadly vice.

5 thoughts on “Of Mad and Men”

  1. Crazy. AND its on your hearty recommendation that I’m now methodically watching Mad Men from start to finish. How do’ya like them apples?


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