There are only 100 points in 100% and you can only like/dislike one thing ‘the most’

The Huffington Post wrote an article on Kindle customer satisfaction based on a survey conducted by ‘ChangeWave’. Having never used a tablet, I wasn’t particularly interested in the post’s actual content, but the survey results managed to catch my eye. I assumed Changewave conducts surveys on a regular basis, but then I saw some of their results:

Don’t bother reading the options along the left side – they’re not important – instead, focus on the colors. If those graphs didn’t set off an alarm bell, go back and take another look. The numbers in the first add up to 207, and in the second to 117. Those aren’t unreasonable results מסתמא – but they are when the questions ask

What do you like most about your Kindle Fire tablet?


What do you dislike most about your Kindle Fire tablet?

Given that the questions ask respondents to identify something they like or dislike ‘the most’, I’m still trying to figure out how the numbers ended up so far on the wrong side of 100.

All that said, I found it interesting that the article still managed to conclude:

The Kindle Fire is either doing pretty well or pretty awfully, depending on what you believe.

The article concludes that some people love the Kindle, some people hate it, and there isn’t much in between. Color me skeptical. After all, according to this survey, people managed to dig up 207% for ‘like most’ and only 117% for ‘dislike most’ – sounds to me like ‘like’ is winning by… let’s just call it 90% and not try to actually think about numbers.


3 thoughts on “There are only 100 points in 100% and you can only like/dislike one thing ‘the most’”

  1. Tell your wife your on a top level secret mission for Homeland Security and if she complains she will be arrested and sent to the work camp in Siberia~


  2. I think what must have happened here is that the poll allowed people to select seconds, thirds, fourths &c, and that the question actually being asked should have been phrased “Rank the following features of the Kindle Fire” instead. Pollsters: not the brightest of bulbs on the porch


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