Youtube spoilers are just the worst

My biggest complaint about Youtube (or, to be fair, how people use Youtube) is that when someone sends you a video entitled ‘Panda sneezes’ you know exactly what’s coming. There’s no suspense. There’s no mystery. There’s no surprise. You click, there’s a panda, it sneezes, it’s adorable, and then you move on with your life.

But on that rare occasion that you don’t know what’s coming – I’m not sure how to describe what you’re about to watch – so just see for yourself*:


*Two suggestions: One, wait until you have the full 8:23 free to watch the video at once. Two, watch it embedded in this website so you don’t see the comments – even though the title doesn’t give away what happens, comments can still be shitty like that.


3 thoughts on “Youtube spoilers are just the worst”

  1. It’s understandable that this man wanted her daughter to get a job, but why should she need to, when she has a full day of school. He compares her to himself when he was her age, even though her situation is completely different.


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