Adventures in WordPress

Those of you who are subscribed to my blog received a notification a little over an hour ago – rather than attempt to describe it for those unfortunate enough not to have seen it, here’s what it looked like:

Since I noticed a number of you clicked through in an attempt to see what you were missing (nothing), I figure I owe you an explanation. And since one) I don’t know who exactly clicked through, and two) the story is mildly amusing, I figured I’d post said explanation here.

Just kidding, it’s not that interesting.

Basically, I wanted to send the above photo to a friend (for reasons too arcane even for this post), but s/he had trouble opening it as a simple attachment.

OK, where else can I post a picture? Facebook would be easy, but that’s pretty public… I know!

Well, WordPress allows three ways to publish a post:

  1. Public, like this one.
  2. Password protected, like Shotgun Bar Mitzvah.
  3. Private.

I assumed Private meant more or less what it does on youtube – anyone with the link can see it, but it won’t show up elsewhere otherwise. So I tried posting the photo in a Private post.

I was wrong. After a little research (i.e. accessing Paper Treiger from another browser), I realized Private really means only someone logged in as me can see it.

OK, so Password protection. That shouldn’t show up in anyone’s inbox, right? Upon reflection, I could have asked a subscriber what happened last time I published a Password protected post.

But I didn’t. And that doesn’t make a bit of difference, because while I managed to successfully check the ‘Password protected’ box, I forgot to actually enter a Password – and so the post automatically reverted to Public.

Thus ends a story of me not thinking through anything quite as much as I should have.

And now you know.


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