Something I’m bizarrely excited for: John Carter (née of Mars)

Some fun facts about me: My favorite flavor of ice cream is salted licorice; my favorite jelly bean is buttered popcorn; my favorite frozen yogurt is taro; I’m excited to one day own a Windows Phone. And now I’m interested in a Disney movie that even Disney is nervous will do poorly?

Oh right, and I read the book it’s based on and didn’t like it.

Alright, for some explanation: I disliked A Princess of Mars primarily due to the author’s* disagreeable writing style, but thought at the time it would make for a serviceable movie. 95 years after publication, it’s finally been modified from its original version and formatted to fit your screen:

On an objectively interesting note, John Carter is Pixar’s first live-action production. And if the movie does well despite everything, get ready for the sequels: the series is 11 volumes strong, all available free in the public domain, if that’s what you’re into.

Here’s a somewhat more-official, less-informative trailer:

Finally, The New Yorker ran a story on the movie – and director Andrew Stanton – in October, but I imagine that won’t help most of you because it’s behind the paywall.


*Edgar Rice Burroughs, perhaps better known as the author of Tarzan. A Princess of Mars was his first novel.


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