Zvi who shall not be named

[Editor’s note: Originally published May 12, 2011 on Eye of the Treiger from Kathmandu. I’m in the process of streamlining my blogs and since this is the one about ‘Not Nepal’, Zvi lives here now.]


Ye be warned: This post has absolutely nothing to do with Nepal.

On the day I arrived in the Kathmandu (Feb 22)*, I received an email from Zvi Rosen, which was immediately gold-starred and has been sitting at the top of my inbox ever since. It reads as follows:

So tonight I was in night seder with my shanah alef guy, who likes finding ways to bug me. Tonight, he started singing “ohh it’s what you do to meeee….”
I got nervous. “Is there any reason in particular that you’re singing ‘Hey There Delilah’?”
I can see his mind looking for a witty response. “Because, Hey there…Zvi… nah that doesn’t work at all. Ha ha. Not the right sounds or syllables.”
At this point, I start laughing hysterically for about five minutes. He asked me what was wrong. I told him, “Nothing, I just have to write an e-mail.”

Those of you who understand and appreciate this email are welcome to continue. Those of you who are puzzled by this email are strongly cautioned, as you are likely to find out a bit more about me than you ever quite wanted to know.

*OK, so I managed to work Nepal in there somewhere

This post is not intended to explain anything. It is merely an anthology. It was prompted by a second email I received from Zvi earlier this afternoon:

Hey Mordechai,

Hope Nepal’s treating you well. I needed space on my phone, so I was deleting texts, but I thought your insanity should be recorded so I decided to write them all in an e-mail.

Here are your 46/7 texts:

[content removed to Oh. Em. Zvi.]

Take it easy,

This email prompted me to search my archives for more examples of inspiration (I gave up around 12/20/09 since they seemed to peter out soon before that date). These entries tend to be longer because they were not constrained by a 140- (120-?) character limit:

[content removed to Oh. Em. Zvi.]

By my count, that adds another 44, for a grand total of 90, which isn’t even counting the original (“oh, it’s what you do to zvi” referenced in this post’s first email), the second-ever Zvi song (“Zvi zvi zvi zvi zvi zvi…” hamyaveen yaveen), the time we sang to Zvi on Simchat Torah, the Firefox plugin (‘Zvi-me’, courtesy of Ariel Allon):

[content removed to Oh. Em. Zvi.]

his birthday party:

[content removed to Oh. Em. Zvi.]

or countless other undocumented and forgotten instances of inspiration. Please feel free to leave your own favorite memories or innovations in the comments.

And this is how I opted to spend my only night in Kathmandu before heading off to Bandipur for a weekend seminar. On the bright side, it should give me plenty of time to catch up on my sleep.


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