Failure of the ‘Imagination at Work’

More attentive readers may have noticed my output has decreased since I started my new job nearly two weeks ago. That’s because work is so much fun! And sometimes, while I’m on the job, truly exciting things happen, like this:

In case you had difficulty figuring out what just happened, it showed me submit an inquiry through GE’s online contact form. You’ll also notice I was forced to edit my message because

So the next time you fly on a plane built with a GE engine (maybe even on your way back from Spring Break!), remember that it was manufactured by a company that can’t manage to remove password-like character requirements from its very own website.

Happy travels!


My favorite part of this whole exercise turned out to be Youtube’s tag suggestions:

As you can see, once I had submitted ‘GE’ and ‘#fail’, Youtube came up with some tags of its own – some of them even reasonably relevant, like ‘failure’ and ‘imagination’. But ‘Epic Records?’ ‘Epic’, I would have understood – but Youtube took it one step further.

Epic Records fail.


I don’t think I’ve ever had the title of a post work on so many levels.


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