Your turn – “Get At Them”

I was already thinking of asking for feedback in my 100th post* as an excuse to solicit general comments and thoughts on the new site design, when someone mentioned earlier this evening that my most recent post made her ‘angry’ – which of course made me all the more curious for honest opinions and unfiltered criticism.

*no, I don’t have too much time on my hands – yes, I do spend what time I have poorly

Now, people give me unsolicited feedback on Paper Treiger from time to time, and it’s mostly positive – or at least neutral (e.g. ‘I read Paper Treiger’) – but I know to take it with a grain of salt. So this post is for anyone who would like to give Paper Treiger-related feedback without his or her name attached*:

*That’s not to say I’m looking only for the negative – if you have something nice to say, I’m of course happy to hear it. I created more than one box, so you can do some of each even if you’re OCD


I have also made this survey available as a page, accessible whenever from the menu bar.

And yes, the title of this post is an homage to the greatest blog of all time. All time.


7 thoughts on “Your turn – “Get At Them””

  1. Whoa friend.
    Thank you for the high praise and really glad you enjoy the CHRONICLIZATION OF THE 2012 MARINERS WORLD SERIES!
    Im reading through your back issues right now and will definitely have some Nepal questions before 2014 when I plan on being there as it may be the home of baseball but maybe not.


    1. This just made my night – I would be honored to tell you all about Nepal anytime over the next three years.

      And I had fantasies of teaching baseball there, but uh, you need equipment… and space…


      1. I will definitely be hounding for information than but I need to read through 200 posts first.

        I here the mountainous terrain is not conductituve to baseball and that they may be fans of cricket…which wont stop me from enjoying there culture or climbing there mountains.


      2. So long as that reading doesn’t conflict with CHRONICLIZATION OF THE 2012 MARINERS WORLD SERIES! Please, don’t let anything conflict with that.

        And good plan. Both are incredible.


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