Is there anything China won’t copy?

I’m not going to pretend that my work is terribly interesting on a consistent basis. But I do sometimes come across interesting things, and this is one of them. I was doing some research, and came across the China Green Building Network. More specifically, its logo:

I apologize for the diminutive size of this logo, but even at this scale, I thought it looked familiar. Oh, that’s right:

I think my favorite part is that the organization with ‘Green’ in its name has only 2/3 the plant life.

After I spotted this ‘coincidence’, I tried searching Google Images for a bigger version of the CGBN logo. I did not succeed, but did confirm that I wasn’t seeing things:

While it’s fun to pick on China for copying, it’s even more fun when it does something original. Here is a short excerpt from one document I had the pleasure of attempting to ‘translate’ into English:

Building low-carbon city with joint efforts, creating a bright future together

Entering the new century, Binhai New Area is taken into the national development strategy and Yujiapu embraces the unprecedented historical development opportunity. In its overall planning, Tianjin Municipal Government has positioned Yujiapu as a financial area, which has endowed Yujiapu with new status and vitality. The world acclaims for its grand blueprint.

For energy saving and emission reduction, Chinese government has made solemn promises. It is the glorious mission of Yujiapu Financial Area endowed by history to actively respond to the national call and play the demonstration role with its practical action.

I’m less interested in the quality of the English – the author’s English, after all, is better than my Chinese – than in the boilerplate copy that sounds like it would be more at home in the Cultural Revolution.


FTR, the feature image – totally pirated from somewhere on Google Images


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