Facebook wants to see more of your pretty face

Every time Facebook comes out with a redesign, ‘creative types’ waste no time taking advantage of the opportunity to be creative.

So when Facebook put a bunch of pictures across the top of your profile, people did stuff like this:

And when Facebook came out with Timeline, the cover photo gave them even more creative opportunities:

All this was made possible – well, simple and easy – because Facebook kept the dimensions and locations of the cover photo and profile picture consistent and constant:

It was so easy, even I got into the act. What I did wasn’t exactly clever or work-intensive, but it did express my frustration with Facebook’s insistence on your use of both the cover photo and profile picture:

Since I put together that profile, Facebook made both the cover photo and profile picture optional – I liked my little arrangement by then, so I just let it be.

But increased user control is not the only change Facebook has made. I logged onto Facebook today and noticed for the first time (this could be an old change, but I only just noticed it), that Facebook thought it would be funny to undo my hard work (and the hard work of anybody else who put some thought into synergizing their cover photo and profile picture, e.g. see above):

This isn’t a change that affects an enormous number of users, and it’s not like figuring out the new dimensions and re-doing the profile picture would be all that difficult – it would probably take about as long as it took me to write this post – but it is annoying, and I’m not so happy with Mark. What, just because you bought Instagram for a billion dollars without board approval, you think you can just expand the size of my profile picture and think nobody will notice? No. You can just expand the size of my profile picture, and I will notice!

I guess now I’m genuinely curious about how long it took me to spot the change. Rats! Knew I should have made a time-lapse video of changes to my cover photo.

Anyway, since I have better things to do right now than actually resize my box, I wrote it a new message instead:

Dear Box,

Yes, it makes you look fat.

Love me.


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