I’m gettin too old for this shit, Penn edition

As you might imagine, I’m not an enormous fan of fracking – though I am an enormous fan of fracking puns. So when Donna from Jews Against Hydrofracking asked me to raise awareness about the issue at Hillel, I agreed – even though everyone’s pretty much out the door by this time of year, and also I haven’t done this in forever.

If you who don’t know what hydrofracking is – or just want to see someone light his tap water on fire  (crazy shit) – check out this preview for Gasland, named Best US Documentary Feature at Sundance 2010:

Incidentally, I have a copy of the movie, and can make it available to anyone interested in learning more. Two options: One, borrow Gasland for a few hours/overnight and watch by yourself or with a friend. Two, I’m also happy to put together a viewing – I have a small budget courtesy of Donna, so this could be a nice study break (free food!). If either option appeals to you, let me know below – or select the bonus third option!

Obviously, entering your name isn’t a commitment for anything. And you can of course always just email me:


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