Deciding on a Law School

Today is the deadline for deciding where I’ll be in the fall. I put off making a decision until after visiting Stanford, which resulted in an incredibly stressful week. I love both schools, and choosing between them was difficult. I’ve made a decision, and I’ll share it once I have final confirmation from the school.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a bright spot in the decision-making process. I resorted to Google to compare schools, which ensured the bright spots would be few and far between, but my search still managed to turn up a thread I had to share. Names appear in bold:

Stanford v. Yale

Tautology: A friend of mine is lucky enough to have this choice and I’m trying to help her make it. What would be really useful are the substantive differences between the schools academically. I know Yale does much better with high-profile clerkships, and probably with academia too, but other than that are there any important differences?

JollyGreenGiant: yale is yale.

bk187: and stanford is not yale.

tomhobbes: Both schools are roughly equally good, since they’re peer schools, but Yale does much better in the arenas that it has an advantage in.

DoubleChecks: im not too sure i follow your logic here. i mean, it is kinda common knowledge that stanford’s best in what it does best. i doubt yale can top that.

Regionality: I definitely think Yale is Yale and Stanford is Stanford…besides what Yale does best is better than Stanford…and what Stanford does best is superior to Yale. They are themselves.

Tautology: I hate you all because you all fill me with hate. 

Tautology: I should never have chosen this name.

BlueCivic: So Yale is different than Stanford because Stanford is not the same as Yale, i think is the point that people are driving at.

The End.


If you go to Penn, please check out my post on fracking, I’m gettin too old for this shit, Penn edition.


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