Major development in showdown with Verizon: Victory is Ours! – sort of

I came online after a hiatus of over a day and a half expecting to simply share‘s next gem of wisdom, as I did the last two. I changed my mind not because the email didn’t arrive (‘To keep the signatures coming, take advantage of your petition widget’), but because when I logged in, I immediately noticed two things:

  1. 18 signatures! An auspicious sign.
  2. A comment by Margaret Rigsby that reads, in its entirety: “Says video pulled.”

A quick investigation (I clicked on the embedded video) revealed that the video has, indeed, been pulled from the internet – and presumably everywhere else. My immediate reaction was similarly two-fold:

  1. WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  2. Verizon is a total pushover if all it took to end the campaign was 18 signatures.

I immediately googled the ad to see if anyone else had put it up, and was surprised to find the same ad – like the original, posted by VerizonWireless – only more recent (added May 4th, with only1,583 views). But after a few moments of silent viewing (I’m not masochistic), I noticed something was different – no subtitles. So I turned on the volume, and sure enough, Verizon re-dubbed the ad before returning it to the public:

The new version is certainly annoying, but not considerably more annoying than, say, Jack in the Box’s Bacon Marriage, or Jack in the Box’s Jumbaco, or any ad by Jack in the Box, really. And while I look forward to enjoying The Daily Show next week (yes, I’m all caught up) without suffering through the sniveling, I feel it is my duty to ensure that nobody ever forgets what, precisely, Verizon put my people through.

Fortunately, I came prepared.

You see, I had a feeling the ad was not long for this world (unlike the Israeli Ministry of Immigrant Absorption*, for-profit businesses do a good job at covering their tracks), so I downloaded it a few days ago. And now, friends, I uploaded it – for your viewing mortification:

Never Forget.


*yes, it’s still online, even after all that


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