Skype can be mad awkward

I once had an hour-long interview on Skype in which the video of me was turned on (by request), and the interviewer’s was not. It was certainly among the more awkward experiences of my life.

This post is not about that interview. Instead, it concerns an email that landed in my inbox today – and the very next thing I came across online:

From: Skype <>
Date: Sat, May 5, 2012 at 6:29 PM
Subject: 5 great ways to use Skype
To: <>

5 great ways to use Skype? I know one great way to use Skype: free calls from one computer to another. But perhaps this email would teach me new and interesting ways to use it – On my phone?  In the classroom? For conference calls? Hangouts? Screen sharing? Voice messaging? The possibilities were endless. So I read on:

  1. Check your sign in credentials
  2. Add some new contacts
  3. Latest version = Latest features
  4. Free video calls
  5. All the support you need

I mean, I’m no stranger to promising more than I can deliver in a post title, but this list was sort of like titling an article ‘5 great ways to use Word’, and following up with:

  1. Open a file
  2. Write some words
  3. Save
  4. Print
  5. Help menu

After the email, I switched to the next open tab in my browser, which happened to be the The Seattle Times website. My mind was still mulling over ‘great ways to use Skype’ when I spotted what was then the most-read article on the site: a syndicated piece by the AP, Nurse in Afghanistan dies during Skype chat with wife.

I thought about ending this piece with a joke or a witty line (don’t worry; I have one) but, uh… The End.


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