War with Verizon one of attrition

Saturday night, I trumpeted the victory of my Change.org petition over Verizon’s evil advertising machine.

It seems the celebration was premature.

You see, I had assumed that Verizon’s decision to remove the original ad from the Youtube and replace it with a modestly less-annoying version of the same ad also indicated a commitment to taking the same steps away from the interwebs. In response, I celebrated, but also urged my readers to always remember all that Verizon had done unto them.

Turns out, Verizon took my message to heart, and made sure its ad will never be forgotten… by continuing to air it on broadcast television and during the The Daily Show. The comedown from Jon Stewart to sniveling mother and daughter is disheartening, to say the least. Verizon needs to do a better job reaching its target audience: people with no sense of humor. [This is where, were I feeling particularly mean-spirited, I would suggest several shows whose audiences fit this description.]

One way or another, we will prevail, but even Change.org is having trouble keeping up the positive attitude:

We noticed that “Verizon Wireless: Stop playing your goddamn Mother’s Day ad for Razr” received only 1 more signature since yesterday. You now have 17 signatures.

I blame the loss in momentum on Verizon’s apparent capitulation. Now that the ad has continued to air, I am pleased to report we are now all the way up to 23.

Add your name to the petition here.


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