Does Microsoft support anti-Israel activity on campus?

The following photos were taken with my terrible phone camera on Penn’s campus at this event on April 3, 2012:

Zoom out:

Zoom back in:

Disclaimer: No, I obviously don’t think Microsoft is anti-Israel. Yes, I am doing this purely to stir up trouble. And if anyone from Microsoft is reading, I would be willing to take down this post in exchange for a Windows Phone.


9 thoughts on “Does Microsoft support anti-Israel activity on campus?”

  1. A Microsoft employee is considering giving his Windows Phone for extremely cheap when he, most likely, will purchase a new one in 6 months, sources familiar to the matter told the comment writer. The sources, who asked to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the issue, emphasized that this was not a commitment by the Microsoft employee but rather a declaration of intent.


      1. After the board of director’s careful consideration, they would like to offer the blog writer a deal: If later this year blog writer will still want a Windows Phone 7, he can buy comment writer dinner (including with a girl of his choice), and said phone will be given for free.


  2. I walked by this booth as they were setting up the event. One of the heads of Penn for Palestine was manning the Windows booth……


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