Hands*-down, the worst feature on Facebook

Today, as you may have surmised from the title of this post, I discovered the worst feature on Facebook.

Obviously, there was no shortage of candidates: automatic email adjustmentsBeacon, Facebook Birthdays, Fake Facebook Birthdays, pokes, spam, and Sponsored Stories – to name the few that come most quickly to mind in alphabetical order.

No, this one is worse than all of those. Behold, Poke Suggestions:

No, I will not get roped into your poking war, JEW.

Yes, Poke Suggestions.

In case you didn’t know that you have friends – and that you can poke them – Facebook helpfully provides a list of five friends at a time you maybe should be interested in poking. I refreshed a few times to get a sense of who Facebook thinks I should poke, and learned that Mark Zuckerberg was simply trying to communicate the helpful advice that the people I should be poking is girls.


To be fair, I do often find myself surprised to discover that poking still exists. That said, I think it’s safe to assume that anyone who successfully navigated to the ‘Pokes’ page would not be caught similarly unawares.

Finally, apologies if this is old news. I don’t usually spend time in the Pokes section.


*pun intended


5 thoughts on “Hands*-down, the worst feature on Facebook”

      1. i poked paper treiger last week before this post (evident by the nonblurring above) and now I’m regretting that I did so. Why? Because I want to poke him now, but I can’t until he pokes me back. Poke me backkkk mordechai!!!


  1. Project idea: once a day load a users poke suggestions and poke each of them, maybe call it “poke roulette” or something. (The time frame/number of people to poke, can be modified if need be)


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