Maybe the Iranian Vice President was onto something with his ‘anti-Semitic’ speech

On Tuesday, Iranian Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi delivered a speech to an international antidrug conference in Tehran. According to a report that appeared in The New York Times, the speech was anti-Semitic:

The “Zionists” are in firm control of the illegal drug trade, Mr. Rahimi said, asking foreign dignitaries to research his claims. “Zionists” is Iran’s ideological term for Jews who support the state of Israel.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will pay for anybody who can research and find one single Zionist who is an addict,” Mr. Rahmini said. “They do not exist. This is the proof of their involvement in drugs trade.”

– Iran’s Vice President Makes Anti-Semitic Speech at Forum, The New York Times

After reading the article for the first time, I was inclined to agree with its assessment. My biggest concern was that someone would beat me to the bounty.

But upon further review, I’m not so sure the Times got it right. Check out this headline:

If you don’t like reading quotes, let me summarize: weed pacified a pair of teenage mutant Nazi turtles (who belonged to a band named ‘Prussian Blue’*).

What better proof could there be that Zionists control the drug trade and use it to further their agenda? It does not exist. I will pay for anybody who can research and find one single better example.


*Fun fact: According to Wikipedia, modern Prussia can be found within the borders of Germany, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Denmark, Belgium, Czech Republic, and Switzerland. Deutschland Uber Alles, indeed.


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