The understatement of last year

My propensity for reading back-issues of just about everything is well-documented; this adventure in outdated print material takes us to the February 7, 2011 edition of The New Yorker, which included a 6500-word essay on crowd safety by John Seabrook.

In the course of exploring the human crush, it discussed specific incidents in which the failure to properly control crowds led to fatalities, including the Hillsborough Stadium incident of 1989 (pictured above), the Walmart Blitz Day incident of 2008, and the Love Parade incident of 2010:

Last July, twenty-one people were killed at the Love Parade, a free electronic-music festival Diusburg, Germany, when a crush developed in a disused rail tunnel that led to the festival grounds.

But Seabrook wasn’t done. Toward the end of the article, he revisited the Love Parade:

One reason last summer’s Love Parade disaster in Germany was so shocking is that it occurred in a country known for efficient crowd management.

I have nothing to add.


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