Yiayia is sharper than she would like you to believe

If you make me watch a commercial enough times, I will eventually feel compelled to point out how annoying and poorly-thought out it is. The commercials for Athenos feta featuring ‘Yiayia’ are no exception:

To summarize, Yiayia is supposedly under the mistaken impression that because Kristen is talking to a computer monitor, “you marry machine”.

But take a look at where Kristen is sitting: on her bed, in an apartment – presumably urban – in what looks like the evening, but has to be very early morning given time differences and what we know about Yiayia’s end of the conversation: she’s standing, in the bright light of mid-day, on what looks like a Greek Island, or at the very least, somewhere along  country’s coastline.

In other words, there’s only one way for the two of them to be holding the alleged conversation: by video chat, on some device located behind, or inside, the camera on Yiayia’s end of the conversation. The woman knows what video-chatting is.

You can’t fool me.


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