Seattle may not have the Sonics back, but Microsoft has the Sonics’ back

I was reading an article about Windows Phone 8 – because that’s why I do in my spare time – when I noticed it was accompanied by this curious screenshot of the upcoming phone’s new start screen:

The first thing I noticed was the Sounders logo, because I’ve been primed to recognize it, because its blue color stands out against the photo’s reddish-orange tinge, and because Natalie Portman – I’m sure a psychologist or visual scientist could give a better explanation.

Next, I looked at the basketball, because the wider tile it occupies is basically the new feature described in the article and the video from which the picture was originally taken.

Since I read English from left to right, the first word I came across was ‘Thunder’. For a brief moment, I was stupefied: Microsoft is a Seattle-area company – which explains the presence of the city’s soccer franchise – but how ever did the Thunder make it onto this start screen? No true Seattleite would put that on his front page. Microsoft sold us out!

Then I saw the score. Smiles.


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