Shopping on Tisha B’Av

It’s a shame you’re not really supposed to buy new clothes on Tisha B’Av, cause I’d be lying if I said these pecs didn’t seriously tempt me:

And at that price, what Jew wouldn’t spring for this shirt?

To be fair, the choice of cotton makes a lot of sense, as it is the only one of the five most heavily-subsidized crops in America that is not edible (the others: wheat, corn, rice, and soy).

And girls, no need to worry – you’re also covered (below your elbows, even! Though maybe someone can do something about those pants):

As if that style isn’t tempting enough, check out some other day-appropriate offerings:

The first two of those items are sort of self-explanatory, but you might be wondering about why I lumped them in with the third.

That’s easy: ‘spaghetti’ straps.

But it’s not like Zazzle has the monopoly on your Tisha B’Av apparel:

They picked the perfect weekend for a sale! For the record, do you know what’s located on 9th Avenue?

B&H Photo, which is closed for the day. Not a coincidence.


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