For some reason, I feel the need to share things that annoy me

Commercials are the worst. Wouldn’t you know, the problem has been covered extensively on this very blog.

But this is not a post about commercials in general. Rather, it is about car commercials and how terrible they are and how they ask the kind of questions that would get them beaten up in sixth grade and how they are now getting free publicity due to the fact that I am even mentioning them in writing.

I’m sure you’ve seen both of these at some point. I could pick other examples; these happen to be the ones I saw most recently.

This one’s been bothering me ever since it began to play relentlessly on The Daily Show:

The commercial asks, “Why three doors? You know why.”

Honestly, I have no freaking clue. Is the backdoor there so you can lock the other guy inside and go out with both women on the double date? And yes, you can thank me for sticking with definition number seven of ‘backdoor’ for my speculation.

And then there’s one featuring Pete Frampton, who is a person I probably should have heard of:

It asks, “Unexpected pleasures are the best part of life. Why not drive one every day?”

Because then they wouldn’t be unexpected! Hey, at least this one’s not overtly sexual. That said, it is puzzling: if the line is a joke, it’s a poor attempt at humor.

In conclusion, car commercials should either not be allowed to ask questions or should not be allowed to make jokes. Or should not be allowed to exist.

Your move.


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