You probably haven’t heard this song, but if you paid attention on Tisha B’Av, you just might recognize the tune

I didn’t post this on the 9th of Av because it was Shabbat, and I didn’t post it on the 10th of Av, for obvious reasons, and I didn’t post it on the 11th of Av because I had better things to do, and so here we are on the 12th.

After all that time, you just might remember the tune for Eli Zion – if not, feel free to refresh your memory. Either way, I couldn’t help but notice the similarity when I first listened to this song (in 2007), though – as it was nowhere near Av on the calendar – it did take me a few days to place it. Look at all that work I’ve saved you by identifying both tunes up front! No need to listen past where the singing starts (about a minute in) unless you want to:

Do you know any other songs with the same sounds (chords? notes? I’m not very musical – help me out)? And mad props to anyone who can find the German choir song I’m sure at least one of these – without naming names – originally came from.

That’s a lot of requests. Thanks in advance!


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