Youtube takes PDF (political dog-fighting) to a whole new level

You’d have to be the world’s most prejudicial cat person not to have noticed the role of dogs in Presidential politics. This election cycle alone, Mitt Romney has been criticized for his treatment of family pet Seamus [pronounced like the texts that receive a burial in Judaism], while Obama has been maligned for snacking on dog as a child in Indonesia.

If you prefer to tune out these – and other – non-issues, I apologize; this post exists solely to disseminate my new favorite example of the election season dog-fight [though, admittedly, the threshold was not very high].

Check out what happens when you use Youtube to search for ‘Obama’:

I suppose more specific instructions would have read something like, “Check out what the American Enterprise Institute paid Youtube to run anytime you search ‘Obama’.” And if I had wanted to be even more specific, I would have also noted that the same ad also comes up when one searches for ‘Romney’ – but in my defense, the ad is pretty clearly directed at that secret dog-eating Muslim, Barack H. Obama. [And I admit it’s genius – even as I mildly question Youtube’s decision to run the ad where it is found.]

How inconvenient that Muslims only eat their dogs in ‘hot’ form.

The ad itself leads to a video “detailing the moral argument for free enterprise”. As in most cases, the ad placement is far superior to the video it promotes; I just had to share.


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