Amazon provides Google a surprisingly fair hearing

A week and a half ago, Amazon announced the Kindle Fire HD, a new tablet expected to compete with – among other products – the Apple iPad and the Google Nexus 7.

Leaving aside Apple’s obvious head start, Amazon and Google are a distinct disadvantage in the tablet wars simply because they are online retailers, and unlike Apple – which can sell iPads through the Apple Store – consumers must order the Fire HD and Nexus 7 online, without first trying them out in a store.

In other words, reviews matter. A lot.

And although Google is working hard to make inroads into the world of online shopping, Amazon remains the undisputed destination f0r internet commerce – at least in America. So while the internet buzzed with reviews – some positive, others negative – the ones that matter are the ones you can find on

But considering the company’s skin in the game, can those reviews be trusted? After all, they turn out to be embarrassingly easy to game.

Well, one positive sign would be if Amazon’s competitors had lots of positive reviews on And so, I’m happy to report that are, indeed, plenty of positive reviews for anyone looking to buy a Google:


This is one of my favorite – and among the most reliable – typos on Amazon. Sometimes, it even manages to work its way into the product name:



For the record, Amazon does offer the Nexus 7, at a $30 (8GB) or $25 (16GB) premium.


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