Building a better coffee shop

I’ve only lived in New Haven for a few weeks, and I don’t drink coffee, but I’ve already managed to note the existence of one local institution, Blue State Coffee:

For one, the shop is located right next to Slifka, where I have dinner a few times a week. For two, it boasts one or two other branches in New Haven (in addition to two more in Providence and another in Boston). And for three, locals seem to feel comfortable dropping the name like it’s Starbucks.

But, while the company is indisputably located in a blue state, and its values strive to reflect that factConnecticut clearly also has a significant and powerful red state contingent: “after Utah, Connecticut ranks as the top state for large donor individual contributions to GOP presidential candidates.”

So, if Blue State Coffee ever decides it would prefer to avoid alienating potential customers, I have a suggestion – as a native of Seattle, I’m basically an expert on coffee shops – that also might just make a little more sense:

Feel free to use that before a non-partisan competitor scoops it up.


s/o to Ariel for his help with the font


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