Huffington Post has a one-track mind

As I write these words, the Huffington Post is highlighting an article about Medicare along the top of the page. Beneath, it links to articles on a variety of substantive topics, including riots in the Middle East, Bibi’s latest comments on Iran, Nancy Pelosi on the GOP, the Chicago teachers’ strike, Rick Santorum opining that “‘smart people’ will never be on our side” (correct), and so on.

So what are the most popular articles currently on Huffington Post? Taken from the front page:

And yes, ‘An utter disgrace’ DOES concern Kate Middleton (what doesn’t?):

Because Evgeny Lebedev’s tweet about Kate Middleton’s breasts definitely deserves an article of its own.

At least we’re not worse than the British. From Huffington Post UK:

Slurry, I’m pretty sure, is the name of a town in England.


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