The horror that is Mitt Romney’s campaign logo

I know I’ve given Mitt a lot Mitt sh*t over the past few weeks for all manner of shenanigans and tomfoolery. While I’ll happily stand by the assertion that much of that was deserved, I also know it’s opened me up to the accusation of being a partisan hack. I don’t think that’s entirely fair – there are certainly Republican candidates *cough* Huntsman *cough* I might have supported against Obama – I do recognize that my lack of enthusiasm for the current Republican candidate has gone largely undisguised.

It is against that backdrop that I preface this post with the disclaimer: This post is not about Romney the person, or even about Romney the candidate. This is not about my political views, it’s about my personal opinion as someone who clearly spends too much time and energy worrying about design issues. More specifically, it’s about ‘Romney’ the logo – or more accurately, R omney:

It’s atrocious. And by that I mean the left-most element of the logo has got to go. We all know it’s meant to be an R; why is it split into three vertical elements? Certainly not because Romney hopes to urge his supporters to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle (though that might be step 1 in trying to gain my support). I mean, yes, it’s red, white, and blue. (America! Believe in it!) But still – try focusing on just the red element. What is that?

More importantly, why is it split from the rest of the word? The above word isn’t Romney, unless you also think this reads ROHIO [which Sloopy does not understand] [this joke is made with the understanding that ‘Sloopy’ is a person. In actuality, I have no idea.]:

You can’t have it both ways, son.

To see how it’s done, note the first letter-shaped logo followed by the complete name of the candidate:



6 thoughts on “The horror that is Mitt Romney’s campaign logo”

  1. 1. Just because you put a disclaimer does not mean I’m not going to make a comment about yet ANOTHER Romney post… (I’m pretty sure you’ve upped the Romney quotient because you’re trying to annoy me).

    2. You’re a first year law student. Go read a book.


  2. I may be just seeing things, but the 3 “R”s look like the silhouettes of 3 people, with red, white, and blue indicating that all “colors” of americans support romney and vice versa.


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