Two final thoughts from Monday night’s game

God knows enough ink has been spilled over 8 seconds of football – my own post has now undergone three revisions in as many days – but since this is, like, my one opportunity to write about the Seahawks and expect someone to read it, here goes. I’ll keep ’em quick, promise.

1. Ian Rapoport, on

Is there a better hardcore runner than Marshawn Lynch? […] I’d have a hard time imagining someone who runs harder with less care for the hits he takes. That fourth-and-2 carry, where he kept his legs moving and essentially carried B.J. Raji on his back was just unreal […] When scouting, I don’t know how you’d measure this. There’s no  category at the combine for ability to gain three key yards while carrying a 360-pounder on your back.

One of my favorite reactions to the final play of the game went something to the effect of, “Jennings might have caught the ball, but Tate caught Jennings AND the ball, which is much more difficult.”

Here, we have Marshawn Lynch carrying B.J. Raji AND the ball, which sounds even more impressive than Tate’s accomplishment – except that Lynch is actually used to putting the whole TEAM on his back, so what’s another 360 pounds do?

2. From Seifert’s column for ESPN I excerpted in the previous post [bold added for emphasis]:

The entire nation saw one of the league’s premier franchises lose a game in a way that should not have occurred.

What is this? English Football? There are 32 football teams. The identities of the teams involved should make no difference in the level of national outrage – sadly, I suspect they do. [See Superbowl XL]


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