Obama’s plan for Bibi

It’s election day, and that means it’s time to vote.

That also means it’s time to stop worrying about the campaign and start worrying about what’s going to happen the morning after (which will hopefully be tomorrow).

I have my set of worries: I worry that Mitt Romney will get a chance to fulfill his first-day-in-office promises to greenlight Keystone XL, repeal Obamacare, and start a trade war with China.

Some Israelis have their own set of worries: that following his re-election, Barack Obama will ‘intervene in Israeli elections’. More specifically, according to this Ynet article titled ‘Obama may intervene in Israeli elections’:

State officials in Jerusalem estimate that Obama’s anger at Netanyahu is so intense that the president, if re-elected, will try to indirectly – and perhaps even directly – sabotage the prime minister’s election campaign.

The prime minister’s aides fear that Obama will publicly criticize Netanyahu’s policy and embarrass him during the election campaign.

Now why would Obama do that? Interfering in the elections of a sovereign ally is a big deal, and if this is indeed his plan, I might be a little concerned. Fortunately, the same Ynet article provides a possible answer:

In light of Benjamin Netanyahu’s support for Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, the prime minister’s associates fear that US President Barack Obama may take revenge against him if re-elected and support his political rivals.

In other words, Ynet’s headline is grossly incomplete; what it obviously meant to write is, “Israelis fear Obama may intervene in Israeli elections because Netanyahu tried to intervene in American elections.”

Now, you might protest, when did Bibi interfere in American elections? Well, for one, Bibi’s associates said it — not me. And for two, how about this: it’s election day in America, and ‘the Prime Minister’s associates’ are busy spreading rumors about the horrible things that would happen if Obama were re-elected.

Honestly, I hope Obama stays out of Israeli elections — just like I wish Netanyahu hadn’t gotten himself involved in American elections. But I believe it’s Mitt Romney who once said — and he’s the only person I’ve ever heard use ‘sauce’ in this context, so I have no problem attributing it to him — “what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”


3 thoughts on “Obama’s plan for Bibi”

  1. Keep in mind that ynet/yediot achronot is blatantly anti-netanyahu. So they are not a dependable source regarding alleged interference with the US elections. As far as I can tell, ‘the Prime Minister’s associates’ did not say anything of the sort. In general, whats going on here is that all the netanyahu haters are really hoping that Obama gets nasty, and are spreading all sorts of stories based on very few facts.


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