You already know Verizon’s ads are bad – but now they’re bad in all new ways

About a month ago, I got this fun request from a friend who shall not be named:

Can you write a blog post about the obnoxious new Verizon ads?

The request did not come out of nowhere — I’ve now written five separate posts complaining about how Verizon is just the worst. That said, five seemed like enough; I suggested he write the post himself.

He might have seriously considered it. But after a little exploration, my friend realized that the existing comments on Youtube adequately encapsulate the horribleness of the current campaign. Or, as he put it: “I love educated Youtube comments. No need for a blog.”

Until now – at least much as there’s ever a need for a blog.

You see, in recent days,* the campaign has taken a definite turn for the worse (at least on the internet):

That’s right. As if showing you the exact same material a dozen different ways wasn’t enough of an insult to your intelligence, Verizon now wants you to actively ‘choose’ the correct answer. It’s the kind of schtick that’s mildly annoying on children’s television, and insufferable under any other circumstances. And I can’t imagine anyone actually clicks – though if they do, something tells me T-Mobile would come out ahead.

Verizon really is just the worst.


*though it might be less recent than I think because a) my internet was down for a while, and b) I’ve been pretty busy.


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