Google, make up your damn mind

As I was logging into Gmail this morning, I noticed that Google was using the dead space to push iGoogle, its customizable homepage:

Google often uses that space to promote various services, but the decision to promote iGoogle in particular struck me as curious. You see, iGoogle is slated to go the way of Wave in less than a year [see the yellow box in the below screenshot], and that real estate could have probably been dedicated to something Google is more serious about, like Google Maps, Google Translate, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Google Calendar, or Google Docs – sorry, Google Drive.

After all, what’s the point of urging people to use a new service if you plan to pull the rug out from under them in short order?

You might notice – from the prettier smudges and the San Diego weather updates – that this screenshot is not my own. It’s from Google Images. That’s because the notice, which had consistently appeared on my own iGoogle for the past half a year or so, seems to have recently disappeared. Google News turned up only a few articles from the summer noting that iGoogle was going away, and none indicating any change of heart.

Google: I use you for pretty much everything I do on the internet. I would appreciate it if you could get your story together.


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