UPDATED: The next big thing: “Israel we go hard”

A friend just sent me a music video — and the last time he was the first person to send me something, it was Gangnam Style — so I fully expect this one to blow up any day now.

While we wait for the song to make it big, let’s discuss: what just happened?

I tried to do a little research on my own. The Wikipedia article about “Ben Blackwell” says “Ben Blackwell (Born Benjamin Jesse Blackwell on June 12, 1982) is the creator and director of Cass Records, one of two drummers in the Detroit-based rock band the Dirtbombs, an accomplished writer and a nephew of Jack White of the White Stripes,” but a quick check of his Facebook page (linked from the Youtube description – yes, I did everything short of Lexis him) indicates he’s a different Ben Blackwell.

Meanwhile, the music video flashed Dimona, so I imagine he’s a Black Hebrew. If anyone knows more, please do share —  curiosity is a terrible thing. And bonus points if you can decipher the precise meaning of “Israel we go hard.” Shockingly, Rap Genius (h/t H/Z) was decidedly unhelpful.


[Update, 11/29: Evan with the assist on ‘we go hard‘. Apparently it’s hip/fresh/cool/what the kids are into.]


No, this post has no real point. Yes, it’s a problem that my procrastination is so transparent.


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