When not-Americans write about football

This one will be short. These two, really.

First up, an amazing article you’ve probably seen because everyone should have seen it by now. A Russian’s first taste of American football: Deafening, incendiary, confusing was written by “Ivan Yurchenko, a 27-year-old journalist from Komsomolskaya Pravda, a Moscow newspaper, is visiting the United States on a one-month internship with The Seattle Times.” Here’s a taste:

There were more and more touchdowns, and we literally swept the discouraged visitors from Arizona. Halfway through the game, the score was already very shameful for the guests. The Hawks were ahead, 38-0!

In our football, this does not happen!

Picking just one excerpt from the article was exceedingly difficult. Do yourself a favor and go read the rest — even if you’re not a Seahawks fan. He wrote very little about the Seahawks. He wrote very little about football.

The second article I want to draw to your attention appeared in the Toronto Star and features Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks rookie challenging conventional wisdom on ‘short’ QBs. A Canadian writing about the NFL certainly qualifies as a not-American writing about football.

Anyway, the article had some factual inaccuracies* but I’m less interested in anything having to do with actual sports and more to do with this one quote:

“It is an uphill battle for anyone who doesn’t fit the mould,” said Will Hewitt, director of player development with a national training program called the Quarterback Academy.

There is very little trace of Will Hewitt online, and he does not appear to be mentioned anywhere on The Quarterback Academy website, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess he’s American — and that what he actually said was ““It is an uphill battle for anyone who doesn’t fit the mold.” It’s so cute when the Commonwealthers practice spelling imperialism, innit?


* e.g., “He quickly learned the new playbook, was elected team captain, and went on to win the 2012 Rose Bowl with Wisconsin.” [The Ducks won.]


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