Newest YLS professor is kosher — literally

It all started with a straightforward email from Dean Post:

I am delighted to report that Cristina Rodriguez has accepted our offer, and that she will be joining the YLS faculty effective January 28, 2013.  Cristina, who has been at NYU Law School since 2004, will come to Yale from her present post in the Office of Legal Counsel in the Justice Department in Washington D.C.  Cristina’s email is [redacted].  I’m quite sure that she would very much appreciate hearing from you.

Curious about Professor Rodriguez’s specialty, I decided to google her. And so, I discovered that she is glatt kosher*:

Cristina Rodriguez

It was a sort of surprising discovery for someone named after Jesus — you don’t usually fool people so badly by taking the H out of Christ. Then again, Jews take the H out of John, so I suppose it only makes sense they would do the same thing to Christina. And yes, this post represents a low point in my desire to avoid studying or accomplishing anything else productive over winter break.

Now if only they could get that symbol on what’s really important in law school (I hope you didn’t think ‘more faculty members’): the free food.


*If you’re having trouble making that out, here’s a larger version of the relevant picture. And if you still have no idea what I’m talking about, see here.


[Update, 12/24: According to an anonymous tip, OU is a terrible futbol team in Peru. This is all starting to make sense…]


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