How does Facebook do it? Part II

These two updates appeared in my newsfeed back-to-back:*

Facebook 2

Facebook 1

Part II is obviously considerably more awkward than was Part I, but that’s not why I’m sharing it. I don’t know enough about Teach for America to weigh in on which ‘side’ is ‘correct’, or even whether one is more defensible than the other — much less to try to embarrass anyone for what they posted on Facebook — but I do love coincidences, so here we are.

Back to studying.


*The second one was too long for me to screenshot the both of them at once, so I cut it in two, which is why they’re misaligned.


5 thoughts on “How does Facebook do it? Part II”

  1. Even on Reddit, TFA has been bashed over and over again. There’s many stories about how they plunk a White, privileged, young female (and SOMETIMES there’s a male) in an inner city, low SES, high-risk school. The students don’t respect the student teacher because s/he’s from a completely different world, and the student teacher has a hard time getting past the tough barrier of the entire neighbourhood.


      1. r/Teachers is unlike r/funny or other humour subreddits. It’s actually quite a serious forum where real teachers discuss teaching ideas. Just because the Internet has a few bad sites doesn’t mean the Internet is wholly evil either.


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