Someone over at Google ads is on the ball

I should be studying for finals, so I’m gonna keep all my posts (if not my posting) to a minimum. We’re all the better for it.

Anyway, I’m watching Russell, Last Name, Wilson — chorus: ♩♩his name is Russell, last name Wilson♬* — because screw finals and Natalie Portman and just as Tim Crispy sings the best line of the whole song — ♬And just like Tom Clancy, people learned his name. He made a name for himself** with the Patriot Game♩♩– check out the ad Google decided to display:

Patriot Games

The way it works, Google cycles through a three-ad queue. The one captured in the screenshot showed up first, and then came back for fourth just as Tim Crispy started singing about New England. The other two ads that display during the video were pretty much perfect for Russell Wilson, too: “Tips to succeed” and “Want #1 ranking?”

Tough Mudder New England, indeed. As for the rest of the ad — “The toughest endurance challenge is returning to New England” — Super Bowl 2013 prognostication?

Go Hawks.


*Yes, before you try to call me out on it, they’re just random musical-looking things. I don’t read that language.

**While this is a great line, one might more accurately note that Richard Sherman was the one who made a name for himself with the Patriot Game.


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