The 20-year old toddler whose name was so Jewish the internet couldn’t keep it straight

Straight outta Yahoo!, “Toddler” is 20 Years Old, and Forever Young, Due to Baffling Medical Condition:

Brooke Greenberg may be 20 years old, but she remains forever trapped inside the body and mind of a toddler, due to a mystery medical condition that has baffled medical experts for years.

“From age one to four, Brooke changed. She got a little bit bigger,” explained her father, Howard, during the family’s appearance on Thursday’s “Katie” with Katie Couric. “But age four, four to five, she stopped.”

Since then, Brooke’s height and weight of 16 pounds and 20 inches have remained a constant. She wears diapers, is pushed in a stroller, gets fed through a feeding tube due to a too-small esophagus, and communicates like an infant would, estimates her mother Melanie. “Like 6 months,” she explained on the show. “If she’s happy, she’ll giggle and laugh.”

So Brooke is already twenty years old, and has been living in a four-year old’s body for a decade and a half — why is she in the headlines now and not a decade ago? Is Brooke really twenty?

Well, it turns out doctors have known about her — and have been studying her — in the interim. Tragically, that means we can rule out the “this is really a four year-old and we’re all being played” hypothesis:

Doctors have told Melanie and Howard, who live in Maryland, that there is no other known case like Brooke’s in the world. And at least one medical expert believes that Brooke’s condition could hold the key to the fountain of youth.

“Here’s a woman 20 years old who has literally stopped aging,” explained Dr. Eric Schadt, director of the Icahn Institute for Genomics and Multi-Scale Biology at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York, who also appeared on the broadcast. He said he took an interest in Brooke’s case after years of her receiving no diagnosis from other doctors, and that her case could “blow a whole field of science wide open.”

This is exactly why the Goldberg family has made the decision to go public with their story, Howard told Yahoo! Shine. “The reason we are doing it isn’t to put my family on television,” he said. “Finding out that her DNA makeup is completely different than anyone else’s brought to our attention that we could help. So eventually, at the end of the rainbow, there will be something that comes out of all this. I believe everyone is here for a reason.”

But honestly, I’m less interested in Brooke’s medical history, her potential to grant us all the gift of eternal life, and even the possibility that this story is all one amazing, elaborate hoax than I am in the egregious error/mistake/typo in the previous paragraph. Did you catch it?

This is exactly why the Goldberg family has made the decision to go public with their story

Jeffrey is a Goldberg. Brooke is a Greenberg.

And my favorite part of the whole article — the punchline — the reason I’m calling it to your attention? The author’s name is Greenfield. She, of all people, should be able to keep this straight.


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