Someone please explain me how this scam would even work

[Update: Mystery solved. See the end of this post for an explanation.]

I finally got my new computer a week ago. Yes, I ended up ordering it from Lenovo, despite my incessant complaints about Lenovo in general and its customer service in particular.  So as a consequence of my continued ownership of a Lenovo laptop for at minimum the next three years, consider this fair warning — you have probably not heard the last of my complaints about the company (and you have definitely not heard the last of my complaints in general).

In the meantime, I’ve been left to puzzle over the bright orange sticker that came attached to the box in which my laptop was shipped, and I’m hoping you all can lend me a hand:

Lenovo sticker

So the sticker is meant to alert me to the situation where someone got a hold of my credit card information, used it to order a brand-new computer through Lenovo — and then forgot to change the default shipping address? I suppose using my address helps avoid suspicion on the part of my credit card issuer, but the scheme still has a flaw so obvious I hesitate to even point it out —  it necessitates the package being sent to my apartment!

I guess the plan could be to intercept it en route, but what kind of identity thief would come up with a plan that involved physically traveling to the location of the person whose identity he has stolen? This seems like all too much trouble for anyone not named Frank Abagnale.

And if Lenovo imagines the thief is intelligent enough to intercept the package, or — circling back to the beginning — even ship it to himself, what good would the sticker do?

Anyone who can come up with a plausible explanation for this sticker earns him or herself a gold star.


[And the gold star goes to Benjy Gottlieb, who pointed me to the Lenovo forum.]


One thought on “Someone please explain me how this scam would even work”

  1. maybe if you tried to stole your own laptop and fraud your own bank: “Hello 1(866)968-4486, i never received a laptop i never ordered !!”…


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