Unwarranted, gratuitous — but highly entertaining — editorial about the other Washington (DC)

After the Seahawks knocked off the Redskins in the Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs, the Seattle Times published an altogether unwarranted, gratuitous — but highly entertaining — editorial about Washington, DC . Obviously, I have to share. Like the Wonkblog article referenced in my previous post, I read the editorial soon after it was published, but I haven’t had time to address it since. Finals and whatnot. Plus, now both teams are out of the playoffs so it’s not like I’m rubbing anything in.

After discussing differences and similarities between the actual football teams, and briefly addressing what actually happened on FedEx field, the editorial took a decidedly personal turn — by rubbing in Seattle’s victory:

Washington fans had to take Sunday’s loss extra hard, because for years the team had offered little beyond the flat beer of nostalgia.

The giddy effects of a recumbent team’s revival was evident in The Washington Post’s story about the personalities of the two football towns.

The poor reporter assigned to the city-vs.-city sneer was reduced to comparing traffic jams and tweaking Seattle’s reputation for being polite. Right, no confusion there.

No mention of the suffocating August humidity in the nation’s capital, or how 2 inches of snow shut down the city. Well, that last bit rings a bell.

For the record, that Washington Post story the editorial chose to pick on was published in the Seattle Times the day before the match on A1, above the fold. The editorial might sound like it was written with good cheer, but the jovial putdowns conceal a simmering animosity between the two cities that runs deep — undoubtedly, for good reason.

So it was, of course, no surprise when the Seattle Times couldn’t resist one final dig that doesn’t seem all that funny in retrospect:

Washington fans have more time to ponder how the cities compare and contrast. Next Sunday is wide open; their season is finished.

Flag: roughing the loser.


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