The scientific prescience of How I Met Your Mother

According to extensive research on the part of cardiologist William Davis, “wheat is as addictive as crack”:

Monday, on “CBS This Morning,” the cardiologist explained his campaign against the world’s most popular grain, saying “It’s addictive, plain and simple.”

“There’s something in modern wheat called gliadin that was changed by the geneticists to change the properties of this plant, mostly to increase yield,” Davis said. “The unintended effect is that it increases appetite … for junk … so, people can’t help themselves.” He added that wheat consumption can lead to feelings of “incessant hunger.”

After a minute or so of googling, every website I found making that claim —  including Colbert Nation — cited Dr. Davis as its source of scientific authority. But even if further research substantiates Davis’ claim, he shouldn’t get all the credit.

Turns out, he was not the first to associate wheat with addictive properties:


Sorry, I tried to find a Youtube clip for added context, but no luck, so please bear* with me.


*#1 threat to America!


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