Ali G nails it – again

Just after this past September 11, I wrote about how Ali G predicted one real-life terrorrorist plot over the cover-up* protest of Professor James Ziegler, former head of the “Immigration Naturalization Society.”

In this post, I show how he predicted another in the very same episode [see 2:47; when you embed a Youtube video, you can’t point it to a specific time]:

Or in case you have trouble understanding the Staines accent, here’s the relevant excerpt:

Ali G: How come there ain’t much security on trains?
James Ziegler: Well, for one thing, it’s hard to hijack a train and run it into something.
AG: But what’s to stop a terrorrorist taking over a train, driving it into, ja forbid, the White House?
JZ: It can’t. There are no tracks…
AG: Well…
JZ: There are no tracks to the White House.
AG: Not that we know of.
JZ: No, they’re not.

Wrong again, James Ziegler! Turns out you don’t need tracks to drive a train into a building:

Stolen train crashes into apartment building

STOCKHOLM (AP) – A cleaner stole an empty commuter train from a depot Tuesday and drove it to a suburb of Stockholm where it derailed and slammed into an apartment building, officials said. [She] drove it about a mile to the end station on the railway line, where it jumped off the tracks, careered for about 30 yards and crashed into a three-story building.

Photographs from the scene showed the crumpled front car of the train buried deep into the structure.


White House, beware.


*Sorry, I was writing in a post-9/11 sentence.


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