Come on, Youtube – I would much prefer your worst

You may have noticed that Youtube is full of comments. You may have also noticed that those comments are generally a “treat”. But you probably did not notice that some of those comments are mine.

Not mine, in the sense that I wrote them. Mine, in the sense that they were posted in response to my videos.

You see, at around the time I started writing this blog, I also created a brand new Youtube account to go with it. So now, every time someone comments on a video uploaded through that account, I get an email alert. Granted, not a lot of them; I’ve used the account to post only six clips — none of them Gangnam Style — but they do pile up after long enough.

Those emails have given me a minor sense of entitlement. At the risk of stating the tautological, my comments are mine.

And until recently, those comments lived up to my expectations (particularly, the anti-Semitic ones chronicled in The Youtube comments I chose to censor). Until, that is, I uploaded this advertisement featuring Drew Brees:

Apparently, a fair number of people were sufficiently interested in the ubiquitous ad to seek it out on Youtube. More specifically, they seem to be interested in one specific aspect of it. See if you can figure it out from this list of all sixteen comments the video has garnered to date (in chronological order):

  1. Whats the name of that instrumental song
  2. I’d like to know that too! I’m diggin it
  3. Same, the song is why I looked it up.
  4. Does no one know?!
  5. Song?
  6. The reason I looked this video up is to figure out what this song was called.
  7. The reason I looked this video up is to figure out what this song was called.
  8. man, whats the song name?
  9. What’s the name of the song
  11. Wats the name of that song?
  12. Omfg why does everyone want to know the name of the fucking song oh my god..
  13. Because its that good
  14. J. Ralph- One Million Miles Away [Ed. note: incorrect.]
  15. are we there yet?

Youtube, I’m just a little disappointed in you. Only commenter #15 (#14 if you single-count the double-comment) managed to come up with something that brought even a tiny smile to my lips.

And I know you can do better. Behold, a somewhat less-than random sample:

Yes I am just like you are! I have a sense of humor rather than be someone who’s looking for confusion, I’m special because God loves everyone, but we are his creation, & some like myself are his children, because I confessed with my mouth that I am Saved. So rather that tell me to stfu, I will & will not reply to you unless you have something positve to discuss. If not look @ that ring of fire to your right that reads Dangerous Place. Hell is hotter than that, so avoid it & come to God. Later!

oh wait thats not allen… oh i think its steve…… STEVE STEVE STEVE STEVE!


still isnt geiving me any idea’s of how to kill justin bieber without going too prison

kill cannot make martinis bed about practice

HAHA how’s the world gonna end now?! We’re meant to see this,it gives will to live!

The bastards at 360-460-1404 made me loose my place. I was reading an important comic book on-line.

we gut tutench amun and the americans got krispy creme

thanks j-lo for supporting eugenics you sick sick person,maybe you or your baby will have some aweful side effects,i will spread the word,the opposite word you have.DONT EVER GET VACCINES,NEVER EVER EVER.

if a comparison was needed Rebecca Black would be Beyonce and Justin Bieber would be Usher LOL

Some drunk guy in a cop car singing Bohemian Rhapsody brought me here LOL

Can [you] please try to be a little less liberal? OR at least be more ashamed of it.

i switchet to gayporn when my dad enter into my room…. because its easier to explain…

He liked the hoe but then he liked the hindu better (8) lalala.. xD

Needs more flamethrowers.

Bacteria filled piss bubbles

In short, Youtube: I know you can do so much better. Make me proud.


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